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Apptive enables eCommerce merchants to create and manage awesome native mobile apps without any coding or technical knowledge required. Learn more about our company and mission here!

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Does it seem like everyone you know is getting an iPhone or Android smartphone? Smartphones continue to surge in popularity and a majority of mobile phone users in the U.S. are already using them.

As people spend ever increasing amounts of time using mobile apps for entertainment, social networking, finding information and everyday tasks, the smartphone is emerging as the new leading edge channel for businesses to connect, communicate and transact with customers.

A natural extension of this phenomenon is that people are buying more and more from their smartphones and tablets, with Mobile Commerce already accounting for a significant percentage of overall Ecommerce transactions.

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Apptive makes it simple and economical to create a beautiful, high-impact m-commerce app in minutes. It was founded with the simple philosophy that online merchants need a robust mobile strategy to remain competitive in a world where smartphones and tablets have become the engagement medium of choice for consumers. Apptive is based in the green hills of Austin, TX.

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