A prospective customer asked me a good question the other day: “What are the different ways I can have a mobile presence right now?”. I thought this might be a useful topic to briefly cover for everyone.

There are three primary ways you can think about getting a mobile presence. They are:

1) Let customers find your regular website on their mobile browser of choice.
2) Create a mobile optimized version of your website and let customers find that from their mobile browser of choice.
3) Create a mobile app and let customers find and interact with directly from their smartphone.

I’ll layout how each of these options measure up below.

Regular Website Mobile Website Mobile App
Formatted For Smartphone No Yes Yes
Installed on Smartphone No No Yes
Offline Access No No Yes
Leverages Smartphone Capabilities No Some Yes

So which way should you go? Obviously we’re strong proponents of the mobile app route.

That’s why we’ve created EasyApp – so you can get an app for your business or organization, stand out from the crowd, and create a way for your customers to connect with you from their always-on, location aware devices/smartphones. And the best part is no coding is required so you can do it yourself.

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